Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Competition ;]

Okay everybody.
It's time for another competition..

In this competition you have to dress up

LE is out..

New Autumn Collection is out in Starplaza ;]

What do you think of them?

Which one is your favourite?


Thursday, 26 August 2010

New Dot is OUT!

New Dot makeup is out in starplaza!

Go and check it out:

Some of them are autumn colours,eh?

What do you think about the new Dot?
You like it?


Friday, 20 August 2010


Hello there everyone ;]

Today we're introducing the So Fab Stardoll Celebrity Gossip.

What's that?
So Fab Stardoll Celebrity Gossip will be a special corner for news from the
Stardoll VIPs and celebrities,covergirls,winners of contests etc.

Also we'll need reporters to bring the news on here..
Want to be one?
Apply above,saying:

Stardoll name:
Follower name:
Will you bring all the stardoll celebrity news? :
How often are you online on stardoll [1/2 hours needed] :

Thanks for reading!
Have a nice day and see you around ;D

- Tessa/TessHelloKitty

Monday, 9 August 2010

Hiring writers ;]

Hello dear readers,
I decided to start hiring some writers,cause the SFS blog is kinda dead without
people working on it.

Me only.. It's useless,eh?

So,here are the jobs :

Job 1 : Fashion news & editor
Job 2 : Stardoll news & spoilers
Job 3 : Free items news & updates
Job 4 : Manager/assistant for SFS blog

If you want to get one of the jobs above,
you have to write here a comment with:

Stardoll name :
Real name :
Follower name :
Why you want this job? :
Special skills for this job? :

Waiting for great people to join us.

Are you applying for one of them ?

Have a nice day [:

With love,

Friday, 6 August 2010

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Callie,covergirl on August 3 ?

As you can see,the editor at large Callie.Stardoll
is today a covergirl ;D
Well done Callie ^-^

I wanted to post this because it's kinda surprising and unfair,
isn't it?

Do you think she really deserved?
[Comment below]

Have a nice day ;]

Animal of the month : Whale Shark

Starting this month you can adopt a whale shark and create
a great seaside suite for it.
The most creative suites will be shared on the main
endangered species corner.

Some info:

Whale Shark

(Rhincodon typus)

The Whale Shark is the largest fish in the sea.

It's back and sides are a grayish brown, beautifully spotted with white, among pale vertical and horizontal stripes.

Although massive the whale shark is so docile that it even sometimes allows divers to swim along.


Enjoy ^,^

Monday, 2 August 2010

Looking for sponsors

The So Fab Stardoll Blog is looking for 3 official sponsors
until 31 August.