Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Straight to Stardoll's elites..

Hello beloved readers.
Remember we were looking for new writers/graphic artists/competition makers?

Well, if no, it's time to remind you.
We're hiring:
1.Writers - to post latest news from Stardoll
2.Graphic designers - to customise images from SRD.
3.Competition makers - to make amazing competitions and to keep the blog active.

How to apply?
For any cathegory from above, you may write:

Stardoll name:
Real name:
Experience in (writing,making graphics,making competitions) :
Why should we choose you?:
What will you bring new to SRD?:
Skype(partial required): 

Note: We'll pick only the best applies.

You can apply until 1 May.

Take a minute and apply.
So, what are you waiting for?

xoxo, T :)


  1. Stardoll name: FashionistaT

    Real name: Tia

    Age: 13

    Experience in (writing,making graphics,making competitions) : graphics (graphicsbyfashionistat.blogspot.com)

    Why should we choose you?: I enjoy making graphics and I am ready to take this decision.

    What will you bring new to SRD?: What you will request me to do :)

    Skype(partial required): don't have (yet)

  2. Stardoll name:Ginny_Weasley_8
    Real name:Ginny
    Experience in (writing,making graphics,making competitions) : ilike to write!!so chck out my blog if u wanna see my experiences
    Why should we choose you?:becuz i like writing & love stardoll & ur blog too
    What will you bring new to SRD?:new posts rares spoilers and much more also free things
    Skype(partial required): don`t have yet !!!!!!

  3. @Ginny_Weasley_8: You need to be a follower of this blog. Otherwise, your post is not counted in.

  4. Stardoll name: Nina.Gray
    Real name: Nina
    Age: 14
    Experience in (writing,making graphics,making competitions) : I write for one blog at the moment but I used to write for 5. I do plenty of graphics. If you want to see some just ask me on stardoll && I can email them to you. But I don't do competitions. Sorry.
    Why should we choose you?: I'm a very loyal person who loves to write and do graphics on my spare time. I'm reliable to do many things and wont let anyone down.
    What will you bring new to SRD?: I will bring brilliant graphics and news. I have a passion for things like that.
    Skype(partial required): I can't download skype onto my computer. But I have an email and I'm always on that. Just contact me on stardoll and I can give it to you.

  5. Stardoll name: Cathy2889
    Real name: Evaline
    Age: 17
    Experience in (writing,making graphics,making competitions) : Writing: Comps: NewstardollLovers.blogspot.com thats the main blog I write for. i've written for some others. And Write for about 3 others at the moment
    Why should we choose you?:Because for one you can count on me to post regularly. And If I can't I'll be sure to tell you before I completley ignore the blog. I Promise you. i;ve learned from my mistake. My Posts are usually long and detailed. As For competitions. I love making them I also love giving out the prizes. If You hire me I can give out 100 or so stardollars a month. And make good comps that will attract people.
    What will you bring new to SRD?: Daily Posts, Lots of venting (involving Stardoll news of course and there lack for any brilliant ideas anymore) and a few other things. ;]
    Skype(partial required): None Yet...